Terms of service
Us, operated by site and this Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") you defined as follows. In addition, those who are using this service, will be taken to indicate your consent to the following conditions.

Chapter 1 General rules

1. Range and variations of the present Terms
Terms relates to the use of this service, and shall be applied to us and the member (Article 3 defined in) this service users, including (hereinafter referred to as "user").
Us, without the prior consent of the user, shall be able to change this agreement by notifying the user in a way that our side is determined to be appropriate.

2. The use of the Service
The user, in accordance with rules such as this agreement and we are determined separately, and shall use this service.
Us, without obtaining prior consent of the user, and shall be able to modify the contents of this service.

Chapter 2 member

3. Member
The term "member", on who approved the agreement, to apply for membership in accordance with the procedures of our provisions, says a person who we approved it.
In addition, purchasing the goods in accordance with the present service, but is called to sell, especially the member for the purpose of "buyer", in this convention is called the general "member".

4. Member registration
Prospective Member shall perform the member registration application in accordance with the method specified by the us from member registration page of this service.
Us for the application of paragraph 1, and shall approve the application by sending a registration confirmation e-mail.
Us, if applicable to any of the following items, you may not approve the registration application.
If candidate for membership is due as a result of the Terms of violation in the past, it was found to be subject to disposal, such as cancellation of membership registration
To request the contents of the candidate for membership, if it contains false matters
If you are able to approve other registration application us is judged to be inadequate
Use agreement between us and members under the Terms, from the date on which the registration has been completed up to the date of registration of the member has been revoked, and shall remain in effect between us and the member.
Member registrants in the case that the age of yourself is greater than or equal to 20 years of age, or is your age of less than 20 is deemed to have guaranteed to us that you have the consent of the guardian per sales contract Please note.

5. Notification of Changes
Members, address, name, phone number, credit card number, in case you change your registration our matters has occurred in other us, by the method which we are otherwise indicated, shall be promptly re-register to us.

6. Suspension of use of this service, cancellation of membership registration
Us, if a member falls under any of the following, it is assumed that it is possible to cancel the suspension of use or membership registration of this service without prior notice to the member.
If you by as a result of the Terms of violation in the past is that you are subject to disposal, such as cancellation of membership registration was found
Implementation delay of payment obligations, such as charges for this service, if there is any other breach
Article 10 If you have committed an act of (Prohibitions)
If you violate the other Terms and Conditions

7. Management of ID and password
Member shall bear the administrative responsibility of the e-mail address and password that you set in the member itself.
Members, transfer the user ID and password to a third party, lend, disclose and shall not.
Membership, user ID and password management insufficient, malpractice on the use, and shall bear their own responsibilities for damages caused by such as the use of a third party.
Member when the user ID and password is found to be being used illegally by a third party, and will contact immediately us.
The user recognizes the risk of leakage, etc. due to the settlement means of transmission act such as a credit card number to do at the time of use of the Service, and shall do so under your own risk. (As described in Article 14)

8. Use of user information
On our side, we are respecting the personal information provided by customers, and shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy and Personal Information Protection Act laws and regulations. Please refer to the specified separately. "Privacy Policy" for more details.

Chapter 3 Use of the service

9. Use of the service
We shall be able to use a variety of services to the provision of the service. It should be noted that, other than the member users, there is a service not be available part.

10. Prohibited matter
We shall not be subjected to the following act.
Act to apply for a false registration content in the case of use
Interfere with the operation of this service, which could interfere with the other this service act
A credit card and unauthorized use the act of using the Service
The act of illegally using the user ID and password
Other users, annoying to a third party or us, the act gives a disadvantage or damage, or acts with those of fear
Other users, copyright of a third party or us, Puraibai act prejudice to any other rights, or actions that they fear
Act in violation of the act and other laws and regulations that are offensive to public order and morals, or actions that they fear
Advertising without permission to other members, publicity, act of sending an e-mail, such as solicitation, or act of sending an e-mail with the fear, act interfere with the mail reception of the other members, or the transfer of the chain of e-mail ask the act or the act of transfer in accordance with the request
To access without authority to other members of the equipment or service equipment, the act gives a hindrance to the use or operation, or some of such fear Acts
Unauthorized reproduction or redistribution of the contents of our e-mail or website
Other, the act of us is determined to be inappropriate

11. Copyright
The user, any of the information provided through this service, without obtaining the permission of the copyright holder, you will not be able to make use of the restriction outside the scope of the private copying, etc. copyright of individuals permitted by the Copyright Act .
If the problem in violation of the provisions of this section has occurred, the user shall not be given together with the solution to such a problem at your own risk and expense, a nuisance or damage of what like to us.

Chapter 4 Purchase of goods

12. Purchase of goods
The user will be able to purchase goods or services from us to use this service (hereinafter referred to as the "goods, etc.").
The user, if you wish to purchase of goods, etc., and shall apply for the use of the purchase or service of the product in accordance with the method which we have specified.
With respect to the preceding paragraph of the application, an e-mail to the effect that consent from us at the time of the call to addressed to the user, it is assumed that sales contract related to the products, etc. is established between the user and us.

13. Termination of contract
If you apply to the next item, it shall be able to cancel the contract.
If the user is in breach of this agreement
If the user-specified credit card company was contacted to the effect of the card credit default
If the circumstances that can be recognized as the payment ability of the user is at stake is found
Commodity is out of stock, if you can not easily deliver
If you can not deliver the addressee unknown and long-term absence
Regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if there is fraud or inappropriate behavior with respect to the present service, it shall be able to take a sales contract revocation or cancellation, and other appropriate measures.

14. Payment Method
The amount of money for payment of goods, etc., commodity purchase price, including the consumption tax, will be the sum of the postage.
With respect to the payment of the products and the like that have been purchased by the service, payment by credit card of the user's own name, and we will be due to the method of payment to accept separately.
If you pay by credit card, it is assumed that the user is subject to the terms and conditions to separate agreement between the card company. It should be noted that, in the case of a dispute between such users and the credit card company has occurred, shall be resolved by the parties, it is to us and no responsibility at all.

15. Return of goods, etc.
The return of goods, damage during delivery, defects in products, goods mistake, us, except as otherwise admit, shall not be supported. In addition, the release of if you can not exchange or exchange of goods when there is a defect in the returned goods and products of the product, if the user has a return within the time prescribed is us after receiving the goods (within 7 days) and it shall be carried out as long.
The user shall be done in accordance with the method of the return of the previous section is us separately determined by my burden.

Chapter 5 The operation of this service

16. Management of information
Us, for calling the comments and other information on the user us has accepted that you use, if the us is determined to be available, and those that can be used in this service without notice to the user, the following each If the answer to any to one of the items, shall be able to remove it without notice to the user.
If the information is clearly infringe the copyright or other rights of us or any third party, or the honor or reputation of us or a third party was clearly recognized as being prejudice
If the information is a warning to be damaged the infringe the copyright or other rights of third parties or the honor or reputation of a third party, it has received from the third party
If it is found to be in violation clearly in the laws and regulations of a foreign state that Japan or apply
If you have received the order to remove from public office

17. Maintenance of this service
Us, in order to maintain the health of the service well, and shall be able to cancel all or part of the provision of the services without prior notification when a user of each item follows.
In the case of scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance of the system
Fire, power failure, by sabotage or by a third party, if the operation of the system became difficult
Others, if you need and we are shutting down the system unavoidably has determined

18. Other Disclaimers
Us, if you owe a duty of notification to the user, by transmitting a notification to the e-mail address the user is registered in advance, also, for the delivery of goods, the time of purchase, the user by including the delivery of the goods to the destination that has been instructed to, and shall have fulfilled its obligation.
Us, regardless of the claim cause how legal, damage on the product, which is also traded in the use this service and in any case, the loss, and shall not be liable other than those set forth in the preceding article with respect to such disadvantage .
Us, for any damage that may occur due to the user is not accustomed to the use of this service, and shall have no liability whatsoever.
Us, shall be exempt by treating the Secretary in accordance with the registered contents of the user.
Us, regardless of the claim cause how legal, any damages that occurred with respect to the use of this service in any case, the loss, and shall not be held responsible for such disadvantages.
User, by you wish to use this service, when given such as damage to the other user or third party, the user is to solve at your own risk and expense, to us and I shall not give trouble at all.
Us, if you do and change the user's password, and shall be exempt by carrying out the identification in our designation of the way.
Cost users regarding the installation, such as computer equipment and communications equipment necessary to take advantage of this service, telephone charges it took in order to take advantage of this service, such as usage fees and application fee, such as a LAN, the user himself Please bear in.
The user, as a browser to be used in the use of this service, google chrome latest version or, shall use the safari latest version. By using a browser other than specified by us, if the screen has occurred problems such as not display correctly, it will not assume any responsibility, also shall not accept any of the questions.

19. Other
How to contact us and the user is, as a rule and by e-mail.
With respect to the use of this service, if the problem can not be resolved under the guidance of this Terms of Use or us has occurred, discussions with both sincerity between us and the user, it is assumed that to solve this problem.
If the need for litigation in relation to your use of the service occurs, it will district court specified by us with the first instance of exclusive jurisdiction court.
By buying and selling price of non-payment and other Terms and Conditions violation of the user, damages obligation occurs, because of its claim recovery, in the case of us is using the lawyer, burden on the user also for attorneys 'fees based on the attorneys' fees regulations will do.

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